Northeastern State University: Native American Support Center

American Indian Student Satisfaction Survey

This survey is intended to measure American Indian student satisfaction with the overall Northeastern State University (NSU) experience. Your participation will help us improve programming, intervention strategies, and services. Your completion and submission of this survey will serve as your informed consent. Since no personal identification information is requested, your responses will be anonymous. Your participation is strictly voluntary. You may choose not to participate with absolutely no penalties. It is believed that there is no serious risk in your participation in this survey. Rather, it will help us to know your beliefs so that improvements can be made on behalf of American Indian students at NSU where needed. Thank You.

For the purposes of this study, “American Indian” includes individuals who personally identify themselves as Native Americans/American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiians of the United States.

Instructions: Please check one answer for each question.

1.     When appropriate, coursework emphasizes American Indian perspectives in the curriculum.

2.     I feel that the appropriate classes (i.e. History) provide a Native perspective.

3.     NSU has increased my interest in learning about tribal culture.

4.     Faculty members encourage me and treat me with respect.

5.     Faculty members demonstrate awareness of tribal cultures.

6.     Faculty members demonstrate appreciation for tribal cultures.

7.     Campus culture encourages respect of American Indians.

8.     I am aware of the services available through the Center for Tribal Studies.

9.     I am aware of the services available through the Native American Support Center (NASC).

10.     Overall, I utilize NSU’s culturally-based programs to help me reach my educational goals (includes Center for Tribal Studies, Native American Support Center, NASA, AISES, etc…).

11.     Northeastern State University sponsors a variety of cultural events on campus (such as Gatheration, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, American Indian Heritage Month, Annual Symposium on the American Indian).

12.     As an American Indian student, I am satisfied with my overall NSU experience.

13.     I feel like I can connect with the American Indian community on campus.

14.     I am confident in my ability to succeed academically at NSU.

15.      I have enough financial resources to pay for college.

16.     My family supports my decision to attend college.

17.     My friends/community support my decision to attend college.

18.     I have a support person I can go to if I have a problem at NSU.

19.     I am able to balance my family responsibilities while achieving academic success.

20.     If I were to return to my Tribal community to work after graduation, I believe I would receive total support and acceptance.

21.     Please indicate your gender.

22.     Please indicate your age.

23.     Which NSU campus do you primarily attend?

24.     Indicate your academic classification.

25.     Please list the tribe(s) you identify with: